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Creating a sustainable future through composting

How it works

Members receive a composting bucket (with info on what is or is not compostable), and six gallons of nutrient rich soil. Collection of food waste works through a drop-off run by volunteers every Saturday morning at the KB Farmers Market (located at the Key Biscayne Community Church).

Where we compost

Food waste collection bins are emptied in compost rings at Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park where they are mixed with park trimmings and mulch. The temperature of the compost pile is monitored, left to rest to grow fungi and turned to keep it aerobic. Once the soil is finished it is sifted to be used in garden and farm.

Who is involved

Since 2020, Key Biscayne community 'sinvolvement has grown and we’re happy to announce that there are:
• 180 Families
• 2 Restaurants
• 2 Schools
• 2 Market Vendors
• Over 230 Volunteers

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What’s Included


What’s Included


What’s Included

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